This is from the lady who runs the Sweater Girls Society website:


"We have watched your documentary, and we LOVED IT! It was so great to see someone paying tribute to the sweater girl / bullet bra fashion of decades past. It was also great to see how you had three modern day women trying out the look for themselves, and seeing what they thought of it. As I am sure you probably know… all of us here at the National Sweater Girl Historical Society would love to see the look make a come-back again someday.

We also want to thank you for including us in your documentary. It was a nice surprise to see our website onscreen in the documentary so much, as well as the kudos you gave us in the credits.

We would love to help promote your documentary. Can you send us another updated link so we can post it on our facebook page, as well as on our website?

Looking forward in hearing back from you, Tamara Reed"

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There is no nudity in this movie.

Some background, like why did I make this movie? That's a good question. I wanted a movie I could make quick, for low cost. And the idea just popped into my head. (Which is where all of my ideas come from..... I never  copy anyone.) I knew there were old fashioned pointy bras, but prior to starting on this movie, I did not know they were called bullet bras. And I had absolutely no idea there was so much interest in sweater girls until I did some online research. I don't have a real interest in sweater girls or bullet bras. I want to move on as quickly as possible and make my meaningful movies, which you can find elswhere on my site.

Bullet Bra Sweater Girls

This movie was meant to be an "entertaining documentary" and I think we achieved that!

You will laugh at parts of it for sure!

66 minutes long, viewable here.
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Bullet Bra Sweater Girls, stars Jade North, Sarah Novicki, and Claudia Luna. They all got IMDB credits, and Jade got multi credits.  Everyone had lots of fun! A newer, shorter version is called Sweater Girls Showing Off. It has the documentary aspects removed. It is for sale on Amazon Prime Video, here.

The 51 minute cold read of the movie is above. (It is an "Unlisted" video meaning it cannot be found by regular youtube people.) 
The cold read movie has been made, and is online now. It stars beautiful Leialoha. You can see her in the video.

You can view the trailer, and full movie below. Way to go Leialoha! I love your performance! For a one take, cold read it was great!  Actually a "cold sing" too!
ha ha. This video will help get funding to make the "real movie" which will have good pay! Have a look!

The trailer is above.
What's a sweater girl? It was a huge fad in the 1950's. See
some funny pictures here.

And here.