An outline for the reality style movie, tentatively titled "A Sweater Girl Covid Story"

Farcical in style,
the actress
can play herself or
create a character.

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The sweater girl look was very popular in the 1950's. Young women wanted to copy Hollywood movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and others. There is still a big fan base for this look, and it may even come back into style. You can research this if you haven't already. Using the sweater girl look will help get attention for this movie, meaning more people will see you!

And about your character. Movies are life with the dull parts removed. It made me think that people are like that too. We are all interesting sometimes, and boring other times. I got this idea this morning.... if would be for your character to take an interesting or bold aspect of herself, and stay in that mode. The term "exaggerate yourself" came to my mind. Think about a time when you were maybe bold, and stood up for something, or a time when you were funny, or anything in between. Maybe you can take that event, and use how you felt then, to create your character. (If you are shy, you can pretend you are bold and outgoing. Doing such might even make you more bold and outgoing, and actually change your real life!) Get the idea? Of course if you are naturally amazing all the time that is fine too!

Don't worry about it right now..... as you read the outline below, you may get the perfect idea.

Below, I will be kind of brainstorming by myself in some places.

These are outlines of scenes or segments. You fill them in.


Molly, the name I am using right now, walks behind a camera dolly on a quiet residential street. The song Don't Drop the Baby is heard while she walks. (You will sing the song separately and only the audio will be used) You can hear the
song during the credits of the 51 minute movie here.
(And you can watch parts of the movie for ideas too.)

She arrives at my lawn and walks to the patio, as in picture, and sits down. The song ends.

(Everything I write is me thinking rapidly, a rough draft, and can be changed a bit or a lot.)

Hi, my name is Molly, and I am aspiring new actress. I'm not like a beginner though... I've been in three student films and I was almost in a deodorant commercial. (beat) I would have got paid a lot for that.

I've been taking acting classes and I've gone to some auditions. And then Covid 19 came along. Everything is at a standstill now. I'm staying home all the time now. I'm sick and tired of it actually.

(Any dialogue I write here does not have to be memorized. Just get the gist of it and use your own words. Or add words.)

I got a face mask, or I made a face mask....  if so tell how you made it. (show it) Oh, and I bought some sterilizing hand cleaner and some hand wipes. I only go out for groceries or local walks. etc etc.

Tell how you feel when you shop, when waiting in line to get in a grocery store etc etc  How you feel when you walk on a sidewalk, with people veering off to one side etc etc etc

I've been watching a lot of movies on TV lately. My favorites are old movies from the 1950's. Lots of them are black and white.

Did you ever notice that the actresses in those movies all have pointy breasts? They are wearing bullet bras. Yeah, these pointed bras are called bullet bras. (push your chest out and swivel a bit) What do you think? Imagine it's the 50's and everyone looks like me!

Oh, this is a wig (touch wig) Maybe you thought it was my natural hair.
It does look very natural. (be serious!)

I put this outfit together for this movie. A movie like this with just one character
is about the only kind of movie being shot these days. Big productions are shut down right now. But maybe they will start up soon.

I think I'll take some selfies of myself in this outfit. Maybe I'll put them
on instagram. (Do a little photo shoot of yourself for a minute, talking while doing so)

We're going to take some better promo photos with a green screen. (Looks at camera man)
Should we do that now? Yes?.... (camera man says OK, let's do it now)

A small green screen is set up outside on the patio, close to the window.
You do some poses for a quick photo shoot for promo and poster pictures. 3 to 4 minutes long.

You are at your first spot again, closer to the lawn.

Sometimes you will stand instead of sit, depending on your mood or your story or the whim of the director.

I want to get lots of acting gigs and be a full time actress. I want to star in big movies. But I'll take smaller gigs to get started.

OK, what else should I talk about.... oh, I'll tell you about my acting classes, when they were still happening. I've been going about a year now.... etc etc, tell what you like and don't like. If there are any unusual people there.... tell about some of them.. .. their ages...describe them....  if you think they have a chance of succeeding or not... etc etc... your instuctor... what he or she is like. You should be able to get a good 3 minutes of this. Or longer.

Oh, and my job. I was working as.....  or I am working as.... tell about it. How long there, what it is like. What your boss is like, what the others are like. Any unusual people there. If not working now, how long till you go back etc etc
2  to 4 minutes of this

Auditions you have gone on...... several minutes of this.

You talk about your agent if you have one, and your thoughts on getting one if you dont' have one. Several minutes of this.

When standing, you can walk around a bit, and get animated with your hands.

You talk about if you have a demo reel. If so what is it like. If not, tell if you want a demo reel.
Call out to the camera man... hey can I use some of this for a demo reel? 
The camera man calls back "sure!"

"OK, thanks!"

Talk about roommates you have had if you have had some. If you have a roommate now. What it is like living with them, past or present.

Remember, you can make up stuff. A good way to get going on a topic is to think of a person you have known, or you have heard about from someone. Take that person, and put them in a situation, as your roommate, co worker, former partner, present partner or whatever. Feel free to make up outrageous stuff. Change names! You can do this with all of your stories.

A good thing for you to do probably, is to take some notes from what you read here..... write down some names, write down some jobs and so on. It will get you started.

You don't have to memorize what you write. Practice at home and time it, trying to be at least 2 minutes on a story or as noted.

Talk about any drama queens you have known. All of the problems they created for themselves or whatever. 2 to 4 minutes of this.

Well, now I'm going to read from a comedy script. (Hold up script) It's called The Magic Lemon. I've read it through and I can see that it is going to be a really funny movie.

OK, here goes...

You read a page or a page and a half. It will include the location descriptions and you will say the charcter's names. You stop and comment on what you have read. About 3 minutes.

I'll tell you more about myself. I'm from a small town, born on a farm or whatever, or I'm from back east. I came here about x years ago because I wanted to get into acting. (Or whatever, real or made up. I will make stuff up here, and you can adapt it to yourself, or change it completely)

Don't mention exactly where you are from, or Vancouver. This is for a worldwide audience, and most people far away don't know the names of Canadian towns or cities.

My parents want me to be a lawyer but I want to be in movies. I know I wouldn't be happy being a lawyer. Or whatever.  Why you want to be in movies. Mention if you were in a high school play. The role you played. If you were the star. If you knew you had talent at that time etc etc. 2 minutes.

A bus story.... you can use it and expand it, or make up something else...

I was on a bus one time and it was really full and I was standing. There was this cute guy sitting and I was trying to get his attention. He was texting. An old lady got on the bus and she was standing right by him. He saw her and didn't give her his seat. I got mad about that and I didn't care if he was cute. I said to him you should give your seat to this lady, and he did, quite reluctantly.

You can make this one minute or more. With EVERYTHING I write here, you don't have to do anything exactly as I write it. It is better if you make your own story and put it in your own words. Then, you don't have to memorize! We can tape up notes by the camera for you to look at. For instance .... where from, parents, high school play, bus story and so on. This will make it easy!

OK, I'm going to read more from the upcoming comedy movie. I would love to star in it. Well actually there are two main roles and I like them both....

You will read another page or so, as before.

Then comment a bit on what you have read.

Then more stories, some can be about covid and lockdown but they don't have to be. More bus stories, or another bus story. Or a story about another situation.

2 minutes each roughly.

Share your feelings. Be real. The more real you are the more you will be loved.

Get the idea?.... write down some names and situations...... you will get ideas. We want up to 10 stories or more.

You will get a IMDB writer's credit too, as well as an IMDB actress credit for a lead role in a feature film.

You can perform a memorized monologue if you want, BUT, it has to be something you have written, for copyright reasons.

Important note, feel free to share your ideas before the shoot by email, with me and or with Mishal.

Think about this as being easy, because it is! You just get a bunch of topics, names and situations, and talk away! No memorization!

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