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picture of film award
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picture of best music video award
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4 actors, 19-30 wanted for a Social Distance, safe shoot.
A way to keep from getting rusty. Ideal for beginners.  
Conversational, reality style. "Rehearsed improv." Limited memorization. Plus, one of you can be featured in a standup comedy scene, where you perform for the other characters. All actors get a demo reel. Here are the characters:

1. Virginia. A 1950's sweater girl, she dresses like the photo. Wig and fake boobs supplied! She creates her own character, after brainstorming. Pay TBA. A one and a half day shoot.

2. Brandi. Comfortable in a bikini. 90% of the time she is wearing a bikini under a cardigan or other top, with her bikini showing just a bit. 10% of the time she is in her bikini, at park scenes, or at the beach. She also creates her own character after brainstorming. There is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini to get ahead. Lots of actresses have done this. More on this topic can be found by going to this now obsolete page, here. Pay TBA. A one and a half day shoot.

3. Betsy. She loves 50's fashion, and dressing like a pin up queen from that era. She also creates her own character. She wears a beach outfit or a sun outfit. Betsy has a smaller role. Pay TBA. About a 3 hour shoot.

4. Max. 20's. Handsome, muscular. Smaller role. He meets Betsy and Brandi at the beach. He likes to show his muscles. Must be comfortable taking his shirt off. Pay TBA. About a 2 hour shoot.

Synopsis and scene outlines here.

If you have questions you can contact our producer and casting director. Her name is Mishelle and you can contact her here.

About coronavirus safety. There will not be formal auditions. Instead, you can drop by, meeting me and my casting director/producer on my patio. We will sit a good distance apart and talk. You will do some casual chatting and interaction with one other character, and then both other characters.  You will not come inside. It will be sort of an interview audition.

If you get cast for the role, we will arrange a shoot date and again meet only outside, and do the shoot. It will be a one and a half day shoot.

This is meant to be farcical! That is the reason for the wigs and sweater girl/50's looks. You will be creating a farcical character. It can be all made up, or it can be partly based on your real life. But always remember, it is a farce, or maybe partly farce. A chance to be creative and have fun.
The shoot will be in about 5 or 6 locations. Some while walking. We will always stay a good distance apart.

The movie will be reality style.  You create a character, or just be yourself. You have to be chatty, and able to interact with others, in an improv style.

This can vary a lot. Some is losely scripted. Other parts are "rehearsed improv." Sometimes you just chat about what you see. The goal is to produce something which is entertaining and interesting. We can brainstorm ideas, by email, and/or at your interview/audition.

Remember, this is mostly farcical.

You can share your whole life philosophy. Anything you want! (almost.)  You can talk about what you see as you walk, or while at the numerous scenic spots or at the beach.

What we want to end up with is some interesting footage that can be made into an entertaining, saleable video, about 60 to 70 minutes long. 

An example is here on Amazon Prime.

You will be part of my Sweater Girls series of movies. For details on two sweater girl movies, look here, Virginia will wear the same Marilyn Monroe wig which you will see. And the fake boobs and tight sweater.

It will be put up for sale on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms.  I will be doing a lot of work editing, and I have to pay $1.25 USD per minute for closed captions. I am doing it because I am tired of sitting at home by myself, and I want to do something creative and fun. Also, I might find the actress I want for some "real movies" which you can find by starting on my homepage. There will be more pay for those movies.

I realize the pay is modest, but it is all I can afford at this time. I want to find someone who thinks ahead to the future. The pandemic WILL end someday.

I had to spend about $600 on my computer and $300 on other bills recently, so I have less money for this now. Plus I'll be buying wigs.
Ideas for filmmakers on how to shoot with social distancing.

1. Use a crew of just one or two.

2. Only shoot scenes with one or two characters.

3. Us spacious locations, such as patios, back lanes, small parks, parking lots, quiet streets or large rooms with plenty of space.

4. Remove as much furniture as possible to make extra space.

5. Completely avoid situations where two people have to squeeze by each other to move to another spot.

6. Set your camera back farther.

7. Make blocking simple and avoid complex shots to minimize retakes.

8. If small dialogue mistakes are made, let it go. Shoot some of it improv.

9. Have a container handy with a bleach solution in it. Have a water rinse container adjacent. Encourage everyone to wash, rinse and dry their hands frequently.

10. Wipe down surfaces with the bleach solution frequently.

11. Make shoots quite short. If people get tired, they start to slack off on safety precautions. You might too.

Many more tips for filmmakers on this page with a free, life changing long video. 

Social Distancing and all other safety precautions will  be used during shoot.
"Safer than going to Safeway"
Audition information. Date,  TBA.

Location, the patio at 1898 Balsam St, 3rd Avenue and Balsam in Kitsilano. Time, TBA. Each applicant will get 15 to 20 minutes. Your arrival time will be sent to you. Social distancing at all times. You will chat and interact. You will tell a 2 or 3 minute interesting and entertaining story that you will prepare beforehand. We will brainstorm for 5 minutes for your character and story ideas for you.

You are encouraged to dress in character. You can search the net for ideas. You might wear a tight sweater, a 50's hair style, a skirt which can be short, shorts, or hot shorts. You can get ideas from the two sweater girl movies which you can find on this site. Be creative, be memorable, be loveable. 

Your audition will be fun! And safe. 8 to 10 feet apart.

Anyone selected will be notified within a day. We will have rehearsals and brainstorming sessions. You get part pay a day or so later, after all footage is checked. Payment will be by interac to your bank. Your deferred amount will be paid after it starts selling.

Hand wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided.
For the shoot, I want ideal weather for it.... cloudy with no rain. And ideally no sunny breaks, cloudy all day is best. You will look best without strong shadows around your eyes. However, I may shoot in the sun if we have to.

We recently completed a movie shot using this covid safe method. It will be on Amazon Prime soon.

         Watch the full movie

Get ideas from this trailer.

And from this full length movie. You will be walking. Notice the walking parts on residential sidewalks, here.

If you have questions, contact me here.

What's a sweater girl? It was a huge fad in the 1950's. See some funny pictures here.  And here.
The above pic is a freeze frame from our last shoot. The Marilyn Monroe wig used there will also be used here. Plus two 1950's wigs will be used for Brandi and Betsy. You get to pick!

This site should be viewed on a computer, not a phone. Note September 7th: I have decided the lead character will no longer be a "sweater girl". Instead, we will co-create a new  character.