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I do public speaking, and I teach public speaking. Here are some of my speeches. Before a speech I was introduced as "The World's Most Interesting Man." You can read my bio here and decide for yourself.

Besides the topics you see below, I can also speak on the future. I am a futurist and intuit, and I can speak on my predictions for future news, world affairs, social conditions and stock markets.

You can hire me to speak to your group.

I can teach you to speak in public too. I have done about 40 speeches and 130 stage appearances, including standup comedy. I can teach you my secrets to fearless public speaking. 

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Dynamite and Last Minute Phone Calls

How to be Happy. 3 Must Do's For a Happy Life."

About 8 minutes long.
"Once Upon Two Times. A Flying Story. A Life Story"

To be happy we have to forgive those who hurt us, and not live in the past.

About 7 minutes long.
"Fun with Kids. Lessons From Kids"

Lessons from kids which pertain to happiness.

About 8 minutes long.
"Doing What Your Soul Really Wants"
       (The main key to being happy.)

A quote from this speech..... "Your soul does not give a rat's ass about being politically correct. Like wild flowers blooming in a war zone, your soul wants you to bloom too, no matter what is happening around you."

About 6 minutes long.
How to Have a Good Relationship

You have to know the differences between men and women, and be aware of the differences when you communicate.

The Differences

Women like sharing feelings and communicating and cuddling, and men like tits.

Men like watching sports on TV and talking about cars, and women seem to like crying.

Men can't see any sense in moving furniture while vacuuming, and women care about how their hair looks.

Women save letters and men save old baseball caps.

Men are good at barbecuing, and women usually don't smell too bad.

Women can open doors with a glance, and men can open jars. Some women can open jars but pretend they can't. Some men can't open jars but pretend they can. This is confusing to children.

And of course there's the toilet seat up and down thing.

How to Apply This Knowledge

A woman should never ask a man to vacuum when the game is starting in a few minutes. A man should never write anything in a letter that might be brought up at a later date. A man should occasionally let the woman put barbecue sauce on the meat, but he should never show her how to light the barbecue. If a woman is crying, it is especially important to put the toilet seat down. A woman should not ask a man to open a jar till there is a commercial on. If a man opens a jar he doesn't have to do anything else for the rest of the day. It is usually best not to try to feel a woman's tits when she is crying.

That's how you have a good relationship.

(This is from a book I wrote about 2004)

How to Remove Duct Tape From a Cat

About 7 minutes long.

Movie Violence Affects Everyone, Including You

About 8 minutes long.
I can do a talk about relationships if you like

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My most famous speech

"A Cup of Love. The Power of Kindness"

Powerful and inspiring. This speech has changed lives.

About 7 minutes long.
"About Five Songs"

Why I wrote some songs. A song with one word, a song with one line. The one line
song helps me heal. A song you may know
may make your life better, after you understand how it can. Who to ask when you need help.

About 10 minutes long.
Call me, 604-731-0090
A funny speech about flying.

"Fasten Your Seat Belts and No Puking"

I didn't like it when my passengers got sick. But sometimes it was funny.

About 9 minutes long.
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