My Photo Service and Actors audition help.

Headshots, 7 for $199

Demo reels, $70 to $150

Self tapes $30 to $60 with coaching and more takes.

Optional directing and coaching available if desired

My home page with opportunities, here.

604-731-0090  Or email me here.

About headshots. Here's an article which suggests you should have 7
different look headshots. The article names the 7 different looks, here.
photo of female model
photo of female
Great head shots can help you get more calls, auditions and gigs.

I can get you some friendly, natural looking head shots really quick.

I use my 4K video camera. It takes 30 pictures per second. I turn the camera on, and then I talk to you and coach you to give the perfect look or expression.

Later I edit the photos, picking the best ones, and doing colour work and other enhancement. The result is some great photos, really fast.

We shoot on green screen, with any kind of background put in later.

I am friendly and fun, and fast as you will see. Your photos will be emailed to you, and they can be easily re-sized for your needs.

You will get some great pics for sure!


Or email me here.
My home studio:

1898 Balsam Street, Apartment 4. Vancouver.

Near Safeway on 4th Avenue.

Home page
picture of female standing
This is Ebony. These photos of her were taken at an audition. She got the role and starred in the movie. Her photos have a cinema look, as the movie is about the 1950's.
(I've done headshots for other males too but they didn't give permission to post their photos here)
picture of film director
How I take photos, starting at 0:35. (from a comedy movie.)
This is Max, my favorite model. Actually,
he's an actor!

And a good actor too. You can see him in the demo reel above.

I worked with Max 5 times, the fourth and fifth times being for self tapes. He offered to make this promo clip for me.

Thanks Max!
Some of the photos are freeze frames, from my award winning music video.
I was not trying to get great photos in this video.

My intention was just to create an entertaining scene for the longer movie.

But you can see how my special
method works, and how it can produce great results for you.

NEWS: 2 to 4 actors wanted. M and F, 20's, to create quirky characters and practice comedy improv. Beginners welcome.
We will meet once a week for 2 hours. This will be something like a free comedy acting class. Learn lots, have fun, network. If interested email me. You can look below for some comedy projects, to give you an idea of what this is all about. Please share this as widely as you can. Thank you!

A comedy farce. A volunteer opportunity for actors here.

Another volunteer comedy opportunity here. Maybe the best one!

19K comedy here

22K comedy here

30K comedy here

Save a life for $180, donate, here.

Go to my homepage for the most up to date links.

Another volunteer actor opportunity, get seen, have fun, here.

Editing, post production, here.

A freeze frame from a practice street scene shoot. A volunteer actress or model wanted for more test shoots similar to this. You will get some photos. Get on camera experience.
This is a scene from City Hall, starring Al Pacino.

I personally think Max did a better performance than Al Pacino. What do you think?

I matched the color
and look to City Hall.
Sample demo reel. Shot in my home studio.
This video shows how I take photos with my video camera.

The photos in the video were captured from one, 50 second clip.

12 photos are shown, and I would consider 4 of them to be keepers. For best viewing click on youtube to see it bigger.