Help save rape victims from suicide.
A short film.

My Me Too

A brave and powerful
story. About 19 minutes long. A
monologue. It will save lives. This
is a simplified, demo version of the
full scrip, which is here.

Actresses wanted. What's in
it for you:

1. 2 demo reels, one full length, and a
shorter highlight reel about 3
minutes long. ALSO, I will shoot and
edit a monologue or 2 person scene
of your choice to add to your demo
reel. Altogether, you will get about
$700 worth of high quality shooting
and editing. You'll have a great demo
reel to show to agents etc. And head
shots, look here.

2. A chance to show what you can do
with a very difficult and challenging

3. You will be considered to star and
get well paid for the actual movie,
here. (You should read the actual
script too, and look at the pictures to
understand it better)

This simplified script does not have
the complex roof scene.

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Can rape really lead to suicide? Definitely. Look here.

Rape and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, here.

My Me Too
A short dramatic enhanced monologue. DEMO REEL VERSION.

Based on the short script Me Too, and the feature script A Wannabe Girl
By Steve Cosmic

August 22, 2020

This movie will be somewhat like a one person stage play. But instead of 2 or 3 set changes there will be many. This will be because it will be shot on green screen, giving the editor the freedom to use a multitude of backgrounds, including some which can be moving.

There will also be multi images sometimes.

There is no nudity.

With green screen, the green will be removed in editing, leaving a totally black background. This will give a stark, kind of naked look to the scene. There will be many close ups. The stark black background will be used in places where it is most effective, and other times backgrounds which suit the dialogue will be used.

This image gives an idea of what I mean. (Though your demo reel will be different than the image.)


MONA is sitting in a simple chair. She is dressed plainly. Part of her face may be in shadow. The background is black at the start. MONA LOOKS AT THE CAMERA MOST OF THE TIME. Later she will be standing for some lines, and then sitting again.


Hello, my name is Mona.... I was raped..... This is what happened to me. This is my me too story.
I want to tell my story.
I have thought about it for a long time, and I want to tell it here, so lots of people hear it. ......

Mona looks away, and then looks back at the camera.
I might start crying sometimes.
I might get angry sometimes.
Oh, there is one part that is kinda funny, with me and my friend Natalie.

And a scary part too where I almost killed myself.

Mona takes some breaths.

About a year ago I was house sitting a guy's place. It was arranged through a house setting service. I got paid to stay there, and all I had to do was water the guy's plants and answer the phone if I was there..... I didn't have to be there all the time.

I told my friend Natalie about it and she thought it was cool.


It was a nice neighbourhood with a park across the street. I was drinking coffee there one day when I saw a guy walking.  He had a coffee too, and he sat on the bench by me and we talked.

He said he was an actor, and he was hoping to get a break and get a role in a movie. He gave me his card, which had his picture and his name, and his phone number and the word Actor on it. I had never seen a card like that before.

I had been in a play in high school and told him I was interested in acting. He told me he knew a director. He was funny. He made me laugh a few times.

Oh, and he was really cute. I mean really cute. Like a big Hollywood star.


We finished our coffees and went our separate ways. As I walked away I called Natalie and told her about him. She said I should be careful.
I hung around home for a day watching TV and got kinda bored. Natalie was going to university and studying so I never saw her. She hadn't been over to my house sitting place yet.

So being bored, I started thinking about the cute guy. I called him and invited him over for coffee. I said I wanted to ask him about acting. We set a time for him to come an hour later.

I tidied the place and made coffee for his visit.

Then I modeled my new sweater for Natalie. I used the homesitting guy's computer and webcam. Natalie's computer didn't have a webcam, but she could see me. We talked using our phones.

Right then the cute guy buzzed and I said bye to Natalie and turned my phone off and let him in.

We sat on my couch and had our coffee, and he told me about his acting classes and a short film he was in. He made me laugh again.
I asked him if he wanted more coffee.
(beat) (beat)

He suddenly moved over by me and put his arm around and tried to kiss me. I said what are you doing!!?!?

And he grabbed me all over!!! I tried to push him away but I couldn't !!....

I yelled. He put his hand over my mouth. He bent one of my fingers like he was going to break it.....

(more emotional) He..... he raped me. (sob)

Then he left. I felt just awful, ... I felt sick.... I had a bath. I sat in the tub and cried and cried.

(beat) (beat) I could barely move. I didn't call Natalie. I didn't feel like talking. I wanted to die.

I stayed inside for three days and didn't turn my phone on. When I did turn it on, Natalie called. She was mad at me for not turning my phone on. She didn't know the house sitting guy's number or where I lived, so she couldn't call or come over. She asked if I was OK. I told her I was OK. She said are you sure, like after what happened?

I said what do you mean? Nothing happened. And I told her I was going to go out for a walk and I'd call her later.

On my walk I saw a tackboard with all kinds of posters on it. There was a poster for entering a bikini contest. I instantly tore off a phone number and I don't know why. Something just said enter that contest.


I told Natalie on the phone and she thought I was crazy. ...... I was still telling her nothing happened.

I started training for the contest. I exercised at home and I jogged in my bikini. At first I was uncomfortable jogging in my bikini. But I knew I had to get used to people looking at me.

When I jogged sometimes I would say over and over...... "Nothing happened. Nothing happened, nothing happened, ........"

(beat). Sometimes when I jogged or exercised I would suddenly start crying. I mean REALLY crying.


Mona is standing here, and she pretends she is looking over the edge of the roof.

One time....... (beat).... I went up on the roof. I walked to the edge and looked over the edge and down at the pavement below. (beat) I put one leg over the edge of the railing. I was crying. I looked down. I saw the street with traffic.

I took a deep breath.... crying like crazy, ready to lean over and let myself fall. ... And then the roof top door slammed.

A girl about 11 walked slowly towards me. She said "were you going to jump?" I said yes. She said "are you really sad?" And I said yes to that too. She said "My grandpa said if I ever get really said I should go to 12 step meetings" I didn't know what she was talking about so I asked her what 12 steps were. She said her Grandpa told her they were the 12 steps to happiness.

I was still breathing really deeply. A few seconds ago I was looking at the street, ready to push myself over the edge.......

I asked her what they did at those meetings. She said her grandpa said you talk with your heart. She said she didn't know what talking with your heart meant, but her grandpa said she would learn how to do it if she went there.

I looked at this girl and realized she had just saved me. I thought what are the chances of her coming right at that time? I said why did you come up here? And she said she came to talk to her grandpa. She was going to light incense and tell him that the tree they planted was getting bigger.

I sobbed and I said you saved me. She took my hand and pulled me away from the edge.

Mona sitting now.

MONA (looking at camera)
She saved my life. I'd be dead..... (the word dead trails off, as Mona swallows)
(beat) (beat)
I saw Natalie the next day. I still hadn't told her about being raped. She said pretending nothing happened was not going to work. (beat) I played dumb like I didn't know what she was talking about.

She yelled at me to stop playing! She said she knew I was raped and she saw it. She saw it in her computer through the home sitting guy's webcam.

I was shocked. She said she saw it all. (beat) Natalie cried as she told me what she did. She said she started calling the police and realized she didn't know where I was. And she didn't know the number of the home sitting guy and my phone was turned off.

Then she hit record. She recorded most of it. I couldn't believe she had recorded it.

(beat) We cried and we hugged. I realized what she had been through too. And we cried some more. (beat)
And then we talked about what to do. We decided I should tell the police. I had the guy's number and his card, and she had the recording.

A day later I was jogging and I suddently started crying.

A lady about my mother's age asked me what was wrong. I told her I was raped. ..... She said me too. I told her I had almost killed myself. She said me too.

I told her I was going in a bikini contest and she said she posed for nude pictures.

She said she had healed. She went to therapy and support groups.

She told me she had met a nice man and got married, and she had two grown kids, and she was happy now.

I couldn't believe it. But I did belive her. She hugged me and she walked with me for a while. She made me feel quite a bit better.

(beat) (beat)
I quit exercising and training. But I still went in the bikini contest. I knew in the contest they would all want me, and that they couldn't touch me. I didn't see it at first, but that's why I was doing it.

I wanted them to want me so I could laugh at them.

Well I didn't win, but I got a hundred bucks for entering. Natalie and I spent it on junk food. We bought cake and pizza and expensive chocolates and beer and cheeze and about 6 kinds of chips and crackers.
We pigged out. We made jokes about how fat we were going to get and how many pimples we would get.

Eventually the guy got 5 years in prison.

I went to therapy and a support group. I got strong enough to lead the group sometimes. I told my story over and over to the new people. The more I told it, the better I felt.

I looked for the girl on the roof a few times but I never saw her again. I pray for her sometimes.

Well, that's my me too story. It's different than other stories that I heard. But my therapist and my support group friends understand why I did what I did. They don't think I'm weird.

I found the more people I tell the better I feel. I'm OK now... Well, not totally OK. But way better than a year ago. Some days I'm actually happy. (a shy smile.)

Oh, we both got pimples from eating all that junk food! (laughs)

(Serious and emotional, staring at camera)
One thing I learned is... (she takes a big breath... feels pride).....
is that I matter to the world. (beats) And you matter too.


A shorter version of the song in the music video below will be heard during the credits. Another monologue short film I made won a Platinum Award and a Best Actress Award. That's me, and the actress and the producer with our awards, in the photo. To watch it, click here.

The credits will have these words or similar....
"In memory of my sister Joyce. A rape victim
who suffered all her life, and ended her life
by suicide."

Email me here
33% of rape survivors think of suicide. 13% attempt suicide.

This movie is designed to save some rape victims from suicide.

The role is difficult, and not for everyone. If you can play this role, you can play any role.

I am offering free demo reels because it helps me as well. 1. It will make the real shoot go quicker and smoother. 2. I may find my eventual staring actress. 3. It will help me find investors. 4. Even these demos may save lives. 

The shoot should be under 2 hours.

The two person scene will be shot at a later time. (I want you to concentrate on only one character at a time.)
OVER 30 FESTIVALS, 10 nominations, 8 awards.
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Very important!
This is non union,
  in Vancouver BC
This project is now completed.

You can watch it now!