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I teach filmmaking, one on one, which is the fastest, most efficient, and lowest cost way to learn filmmaking.

You will save about $28,000 with me, compared to Vancouver Film School.

With part of the money you save, you can buy a good computer for editing, and a good camera and accessories, and still save about $14,000 over VFS! You can then start making movies on your own, which is how you really learn. And you can get some paid work too.

In a class, you learn at the pace of the slowest person in the class. There is always someone who asks non stop stupid questions. Your learning is restricted to the pace of the slowest student. Have you experienced that?

Also, you will learn a lot of useless theory which you don't need to know. Think back to some of the things you learned in high school. When was the last time you used algebra? Film schools are the same. Why fill your head with garbage, when you want to get out there and create!

With me, you learn what you want to learn. If you want the emphasis on mostly directing or mostly editing for instance, we can do that. We can also set up a program for you where you learn only shooting, or whatever you want.

At film schools, you will watch some classic movies to learn from them. Myself, I watch Turner Classic Movies on TV, for free! Why pay to watch movies in a class?

If you already have some experience, you can learn what you need in less than 7 days.

Your training can focus on music videos, dramas, comedies or documentaries. If you only want to learn how to shoot events and edit them, you can learn just that. You don't pay to learn stuff that doesn't really interest you.

I have all the gear needed to make a movie, including camera, super tripod, lights, audio, dolly, steady cam, teleprompter and a green screen studio. You will finish your training with a  demo movie.

Editing page with samples

Low cost movie packages


I don't just teach you how to shoot and edit. I teach you how to be creative.

What you will learn when you do your film training with me.

- How to evaluate a script, and determine if it is worth shooting or not.

- Writing your own short script.

- Casting.  Learn to recognize good acting, and actors who will be good to work with.

- Rehearsals. Setting up productive rehearsals, to save time during shooting.

- How to appraise a location, with a view towards setting up a shot quickly and easily.

- Set decoration.  How to decorate a set cheaply and quickly.

- Directing. Getting the most out of your actors.

- Lighting.  Get beautiful results quickly, without a lot of fuss.

- Sound. Getting great sound, without a boom operator.

- Shooting. Doing it efficiently, so your actors don't get burned out.

- Editing. Lots of little tricks, for great looking results.

- Crew harmony. Getting everyone to cooperate and work efficiently and safely.

- Working with a small crew, for speed and efficiency.

- Introductions to filmmaker organizations for networking, job opportunities and further experience.

- Music videos.  How to direct and edit a music video.

- Short films. Making a short that stands out from the pack.

- Infommercials. It's a science. And an art. 

- Shooting weddings, events, and parties.

- City permits. Legal aspects of shooting on public or private land.  Other legal considerations.

-How to get a public screening for your graduation project.
I am a former bushpilot and inventor, and I know how to get things done. I am now a movie director in Vancouver. I helped an actress win a Best Actress Award. I never went to Vancouver Film School, or any film school! I am semi famous for my disruptive filmmaking, often using some of the filmmaking rigs I have invented. I will teach you how to get high quality results with a very small crew. My movies have screened at many festivals around the world and have been broadcast on TV. You will learn how to make movies that stand out from the rest.

I can teach you editing in about 20 hours.
Out of town students welcome! Low cost lodging nearby. Students have travelled long distances to train with me...... 3 from New York, 2 from Edmonton, 3 from Abbotsford, one from Ontario, and two from Nelson BC.

Here are some testimonials

To whom it may concern:

"The personalized instruction I received from Steve was no doubt the most effective and useful professional development I have ever done. Steve is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience to draw from. The one on one attention allowed me to get right to the things I wanted to learn about.  Steve is a patient person by nature yet moves things along at a pace which allows for rapid improvement. As a professional instructor, one of the things I appreciated most about Steve's training was the laid back and easy going flexibility in which his course is offered. Thanks Steve, for a great training session."

Rudy Ongaro,
Visual Communications Teacher, 25 years experience,
Edmonton AB

He had several years of editing experience, and his own editing system.

'I'm a college professor visiting Vancouver from New York City who sought Steve Cosmic out after seeing his website, in order to learn the rudiments of filmmaking. In 20 hours over the course of a week I went from having absolutely no knowledge re: how to use a hi-tech video camera, a tripod and editing footage, to a reasonable level of competence. I ultimately shot a short documentary, helped edit it, and put it up on youtube.

Obviously there is much more to be learned and mastery will require much homework on my own. But Steve is a great person to show you the way. He is affable, knowledgable and patient."

Milton Mankoff, NYC

"It was a challenge to find someone who would take the time one-on-one to train our crew as well as share his expertise so openly.  Steve was very knowledgeable. He was able to come up with brilliant ideas and little tricks about how to make our project look very professional.

We all gleaned some really great “nuggets” from our time with you. It was also satisfying to know we were on track with what we started here. I wouldn’t hesitate to rely on you again for direction and I will refer you in the future."

Best Regards,
Larry J. Clark
Allpro Building Systems

"I am writing this testimonial in support of Steve Cosmic and his video training program.  As a complete beginner with video cameras and editing software, I enrolled for a training session with Steve, along with my brother.  In just a few short hours, Steve covered A LOT of valuable (and more importantly, PRACTICAL) information related to operating a video camera and editing the footage.        Steve made the most of every minute of our session, moving in a logical and sequential order.  He offered many tricks/tips and devices that a student wouldn't likely get elsewhere.  The instruction is personalized and Steve is a very friendly, helpful and knowledable instructor.        The value of Steve's training was excellent.  The cost is very fair considering that you will walk away feeling confident to get started on your own.  Not only that, but Steve goes above and beyond, by offering additional tips by email, days or weeks after your session. That is customer service!

In sum, I have no reservations in highly recommending Steve's video training. You will walk away feeling confident and way more knowledable than when you walked in, all in a matter of a few hours. Thanks Steve."

Ravinder Punia
(He took my my 4 hour crash course)
Comments about the one day intensive workshop

"Steve Cosmic's one day intensive filmmaking workshop gave me all the information I needed - in a single day - to make my first film! By the ends of this "hands on" workshop I had not only learned all the basics of equipment, lighting, set up, shooting, getting the most from your actors, editing and even marketing my film, I had actually done a lot of it. Steve showed me how to make a film without investing in expensive equipment, locations or a large crew. Steve Cosmic is an award winning filmmaker who is not only a kind, enthusiastic and wonderful mentor, but also extremely knowledgeable about filmmaking. He shared this knowledge with his students and helped us get a start on our own films.
To all budding filmmakers out there, I suggest you not waste your money on film schools. Instead, take Steve's one day intensive, and spend your film-school money on making your film! I cannot recommend his course highly enough."

Deborah Levy Barnett, Ph.D
New Filmmaker.


"This is to offer testimonial to Steve’s teaching skills and creativity in film production methods from his one day intensive workshop.

Steve started off the workshop by giving us an introduction to his writing philosophy and by preparing us for thinking outside the box, using gizmos for producing shorts, features and docs. Steve explained how his methods and gizmos really cut down on production costs, and he stressed the importance of the quick set-up.
In the first demo of the workshop, Steve showed us how to perfectly shoot a 3 to 5-part sequence of actions, with some gizmos costsing about $20, instead of heavy equipment costing thousands of dollars. Steve let us practice using parts of his gizmo collection and showed us how to plan and time the action. We didn’t have to worry about angling the camera or panning too far. We didn't even need to look through the viewfinder when actually shooting.

We went on to use Steve’s other gizmos for setting up of camera, audio and lighting. Steve had actors come by and do a scene which we taped. We finished by capturing the footage in his computer, viewing it and quickly editing it into a watchable scene. Quite a day.
Thank you, Steve, for your generosity of spirit and imagination! And for raising the possibilities of our success as filmmakers! Best wishes on your current feature film project."

Take care,
Wendy Havens


"I plan to write a feature-length screenplay and create a short film
with which to seek full-scale production.  To help me get there, Steve's
one-day intensive workshop was a terrific experience.  Steve's
innovative and passionate approach to the efficient production of a
short film will undoubtedly prove invaluable when the time comes to put
it into practice myself.  I'm very glad I attended Steve's workshop and
I recommend it to other aspiring film-makers."

David Caplan

THE COST. $280 to about $5000.

I call this my Vancouver 7 Day Film School. But for most people, 7, 8 hour days in a row is too much. The training is intensive. For most people, 4 or 5 hours at a time is plenty. And we usually skip a day here and there. We adjust the schedule to fit your schedule. Also, having a day off here and there will let you learn more for free. On your days off from training, you can practice shooting on your own if you have a camera. Or, the time can be spent finding actors for you to shoot as part of your training. (You will be learning how to be a casting director and producer while you do this. I will show you how to find actors and do other pre production jobs on your own time. It will serve you well when you make your own projects later.)

I teach one on one. My rate is $70 per hour, which is more per hour than Vancouver Film School. But because we don't waste time waiting for slow students, you learn MUCH more in less time, making this training much cheaper than film schools.

Four hours costs $280. 56 hours costs $5000.

If you already have some experience, you may only need 10 or 20 hours of training.

Call me and tell me what your goals are, and how much you know already, and I will give you a quote on how much you will be paying. 604-731-0090. Email me here.

PS: You can bring a buddy and share the cost. You can take turns being on camera.
picture of film teacher
BONUS.  After completing your training with me you will have the opportunity to help on some of my shoots, doing several jobs. These will be volunteer opportunities, where you will learn a lot.  At regular film schools they make short films with larger than necessary crews, so you learn less. This is a free bonus you get by training with me.
Watch demo....

Visualize some of what you see being used in your movie!
Save 50% !

Bring a buddy/partner, and share cost.

You can then also take turns being on camera for practice shoots and edits.
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My disruptive film training is designed to teach you how to make your own movie at a very low cost.  You will learn how to make a movie from scratch. You will then be able to make your own films on your own, starting with some short films, and working up to a feature film. With most film school training, you will be lucky to get an entry level job on a big movie. There will be no creativity involved in it. You will be doing menial jobs, perhaps on a movie that is actually quite stupid. It can take years before you get to do something creative.

In 7 days with me, you will learn everything you need to know to make a movie. Everything. You can then spend only about $3000 more for a camera and lights and mike, and start making your own movies, which is where you will actually learn the most. Yes, with the gear I will recommend, you can make a festival or TV quality movie with gear costing only about $3000. Don't believe people who say you need more expensive gear. I will prove it to you.

I will also teach you my "good director's secrets" so you can make good movies with less experienced actors. This is disruptive film making at it's best.
My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.
Me, giving a talk on filmmaking
Disruptive Filmmaking.

The secrets of making money will micro budget movies.

Make movies with a crew of one or two!

Learn in a week instead of a year! Save big.

Save thousands on a camera and gear selection.

Cost, $280 to $5000. Details at bottom.
To make a TV quality movie, you don't need:

-An expensive camera. My Sony AX 100 cost about $2000
( Read reviews online. Other $2000 cameras are fine too.)
- A clapper
- A sound person
- An AD
- A big budget
- Story boards
The above video is not polished. It was made quickly as a lesson with the student. Some colour work would make it look more realistic.

But it was good enough for the lesson. You can learn how to do this too if you want.

Low cost video
service, here
This is an unlisted link. It can't be found by regular youtube users.

If you watch this video, you will save many thousands of dollars. For sure.

If you don't watch it, you have only a 1 in 50 chance of making money with your movie. It is the first cut, before colour work and other polishing. Watch it free.

Then if you like, you can contact me for some training where you will learn the marketing secrets to making money with online movies. Learn to shoot with a crew of one.
How noise and echo can be removed from audio. Samples here.

I can do your editing and all of your post production. Look here.