Movie Soundfix

Audio post production
in Vancouver

MUCH cheaper than a
big sound house!

Echo removal. Foley work.

Remove background noise

Movie audio clean up

Finish, Fix, movie sound

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I am in Vancouver Canada

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picture of sound editing system
I can finish or fix the sound work on your movie at a good price.

I can do a free sample test on one of your troublesome clips. Email me for a quote on finishing or fixing the audio on your movie.

I can improve sound that is passable now to make it better.  I can do echo removal.

You can email me an audio clip and I will clean the sound and send it back to you. Please email audio only (mp3), not the video too, as the video will jam up my mail box.  I can do precision audio levels on individual clips in a project, to make them all consistent.

You can look on youtube and find videos on how to fix audio, and you can buy apps too. Sometimes you have to use several apps, in the right order for best results. I spent years learning all of the tricks that I know. You can try to fix your audio yourself, and if you can't do it, let me know. I can probably fix it better and faster.
Street noise removal,
interview mic, before
and after.
Computer noise, chair noise, echo removal, before and after.

This movie was a big hit on Amazon, until they suddenly decided to restrict non-fiction movies.

You can still watch the trailer on Amazon, here.

One hidden lav mic into camera. Extreme street noise reduction, before and after. Not perfect, but saleable.
Want a flat rate to shoot and edit your movie? I can give you a good price, which includes everything. Look here.
Low cost video
service, here
FREE! I will fix a short clip for free! No obligation afterwards. You can send the clip to me by email. (Send audio only, without picture.) Send here.
"Bad audio can kill a good movie." If you have some bad audio, I can probably make it passable at least. It can still sell it if it is at least passable. And if  your movie is passable now, I can make it excellent!!
Have you made a movie with bad audio? Have    you tried to fix it? Does it seem unfixable?

I can probably fix it and make your movie           saleable!
This was shot with a $300 B cam, with camera mic audio. The camera was 8 feet from the subject, yielding poor audio.

A good example of salvaging bad audio.
Audio recorded with a hidden $22 cable lav, going into a Sony AX 100.

Outdoor noise and traffic. This movie passed quality control at filmhub and quality control at Amazon, where it is for sale here.

There were 5 "covid" fans providing flow through ventilation in my home studio on this shoot. I did tests before the shoot, but later found it was more difficult than I thought to remove the fan noise.  Not perfect, but it is saleable. It passed quality control at filmhub, and at tubitv. It has also been accepted at 4 film festivals so far, with more expected over the next few months. Those people know what is OK, and what is not OK.
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