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Make your movie in
Vancouver. $18,000 CAD
$14,000 USD.
Demos below!

I can make your movie for $18,000 CAD, $14,000 USD, complete. That includes shooting and editing, all gear, and crew. This is for a 90 minute movie, shot in 12 days. It can be less if you supply part of the crew, and if we shoot it quicker.

HOW I can do it so cheap is explained here.

You supply the script, the locations and the actors. And the pizza. Don't forget the pizza!

You may be able to get volunteer actors and free locations, but I suggest you pay your actors and pay for your locations. It can be low pay. Everyone will be more reliable, and they will work harder, and your shoot will be done for sure in 17 days or less. To get it all shot on time, it is assumed that you will be following all of the low budget tips below.
Tips on making a low budget movie

Making a low budget movie starts with your script. Obviously you want to avoid large crowd scenes, crane shots, helicopter shots, explosions, expensive stunts, car chases, large street scenes and so on.

For the lowest budget movie you should have only two principal actors, a minimum of supporting actors, and minimal extras. It should be almost all indoors, to avoid weather problems, outdoor audio challenges, and time challenges caused by our ever moving sun. Your actors should be very well rehearsed, with the script finalized well in advance, There should be no time consuming last minute changes to the script, which confuse your actors, and interfere with their performances. There should be a minimum number of
locations which are cheap to use, without extensive noise considerations. Wardrobe and props should be ordinary and easy to acquire. Your actors should be in charge of their own wardrobe, and props in some cases.

With all of this in mind, it does not mean your movie will be boring! The story has to be intriguing and captivating and the acting must be excellent. Fancy shots do not make your movie a success. How many big budget movies have you started watching on TV, only to click away because the story is boring? If you write a good script and have talented and dedicated actors, and the picture and audio are good, you will keep people watching. This is the key to a successful movie, and having it broadcast repeatedly on TV.

If you have a movie idea, but no script, I can write it for you. I write movies that sell!

What you get for $18,000

-  Me as DP/cam op combo person, also doing any other jobs that need to be done.

-   A full lighting package, with two softboxes, 12 other lights, stands, sandbags, audio gear and many gizmos to save time. A camera dolly
for moving shots.

-   A scripty/audio person, also doing any other jobs that need to be done.

-   A "super PA" also doing lighting, set dec and anything else that needs to be done.

-   A makeup artist, also doing any other jobs as needed.

-   A Sony UHD (4K) camera, with tripod, super tripod adaptors, "ladder cam" for high shots and all accessories including a 15 inch HD monitor.

-   A green screen studio, for minor special effects if needed.

-   A "steady cam" type rig for moving shots, and "stroller cam" see below.

-  A special rig for vehicle interior shots.

-   Complete editing, to high standards, in a Mac Pro computer.

-  This is with you directing. If I direct, add $4000, because I will have to pay for a cam op and other help if I am busy directing.
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Short films too! $800 and up. See below.
Your movie will be shot in 4K and look similar to the sample clips above. Many different looks are possible, including "film looks". Please note that some of the other videos on my site were shot with my old camera.
If your goal is to make a movie to sell to TV, check out the scene above. It is a typical, average scene. Visualize parts of your movie shot something like this scene. The quality is easily as good as most movies shown on TV. And it was directed and shot with a cew of one!

If you want to make a movie for a low price, you have found the right place.
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I can give you a good price on a short film too, for about $800 to $2000, complete.
Here is an example of what I mean by disruptive filmmaking.

I invented this film rig. It enables you to get professional looking moving shots, without spending a fortune on Hollywood style methods.

Have a look, it's impressive. Think about how we can use this rig in your movie.
Low cost video
service, here

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