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A few film festivals have accepted Mona's Me Too Story into their festivals for free. I figure that for every 1000 viewers of this film, one viewer is thinking of suicide because of rape, RIGHT AT THAT VERY MOMENT.

This film was designed, right from the start, to give hope and inspiration to such viewers. It even has some "built in" instructions on how to heal and feel happier.

These days, with film festivals being all or partially online, I figure that an average of 1000 people see the film at each festival it is screened at. (One festival I submitted to has 90,000 attendees in total. Others have fewer, but an average of 1000 viewers is a reasonable guess. This includes online views which they promote.)

I am at the limit of what I can do to get this film into festivals for free. The average cost of a submission is about $45 USD. About 1 out of 4 festivals will accept it with a paid submission fee. This means it costs about $180 to save a life.

You can save a life by contributing towards paid festival submissions.

(Previously I had thought the average cost of a festival submission was about $35 USD, but a more careful check shows it is about $45 USD)
OVER 36 FESTIVALS, 10 nominations, 9 awards.

(These numbers are subject to change.)
You do not need a paypal account. You can use your credit card, just click on "Donate."

My original goal was to make a better version of this film, showing the roof scene with the 11 year old girl. It would have been much more dramatic. I wanted lots of help, to lighten my emotional load, and good pay for everyone. The webpage for it is here if you want to look.

This version is good enough to save lives. The actress  volunteered, and I am very grateful to her.
The rape is not acted out. It has a happy ending. The movie is now in it's festival run, which will end in early 2022. It is inspirational and moving. You will see how it can save some lives when you watch it.

I made this film in memory of my sister Joyce, who was raped, and eventually took her own life because of it.

It was very hard for me to do emotionally. I cried as I wrote the script. I cried after we filmed it. And I cried many times as I watched it over and over as I edited it.

The hardest part is done now. The rest is relatively easy, but it takes money which I don't have.

There are over 10,000 festivals listed on the submission service which I am using. Lots are for documentaries, horror films, comedy, and other genres. But about 2000 to 3000 are suitable for this film. My goal is to submit it to up to 500 of the best festivals. Multiply that times $45. I thank you if you donate, and I know my sister Joyce would thank you too.

A detailed explanation on how this movie will save lives is below.
Here is my best attempt at explaining exactly how this movie will save lives.

It is unusual. It is well made. It can save SOME rape victims from suicide, IF IT IS WATCHED RIGHT TO THE END.

Early youtube tests showed it was only watched for a few seconds by most viewers. People who stumbled upon it lost interest right away. For someone depressed, having a bath or washing their dishes are big accomplishments, after a week of neglect. They are more inclined to just watch TV or stare out the window, rather than search youtube for videos which might help them. (I know this from experience when I had sexual abuse memories surface around 16 years ago.)

Others who are less depressed will try to ignore the memories, though they know the memories are still affecting them. They are up and down, with less frequent thoughts of suicide. Such people might happen to see the film at a film festival. They might be at the festival, live or online, for escape reasons. The "Me Too" aspect of it will intrigue them to watch the film. They are likely to watch right to the end, because they will identify with Mona. These are the people who might be saved.

It costs money to submit the movie to festivals. I asked two sisters who can help with this movie. They have some money of their own, and they know some rich people they could ask to help.

But they ignored my request. They prefer to believe that our sister Joyce "Made it up to get attention" after she told us. Our sister Joyce was raped by her father when she was 14. She suffered terribly because of it. She took her own life when she was about 72.

I made this movie in memory of her.

I spent two months, writing to about 300 festivals, asking them to waive their submission fees. About 49 did so. I have also asked 3 people from my past who are rich to help. I have tried an indigogo campaign, and a gofundme campaign with no donations. I wrote to about 20 of the Sharks and Dragons, 3 or 4 times. Often I cried when I did this work, because it made me think of my sister Joyce.

I pray that some money will come in. I recently used much of my $500 BC government grant to pay for a few upcoming festivals. I need about $22,000 USD to submit it to 500 of the bigger film festivals. I will be happy to get any amount.

Just some kind words will be appreciated. When I was looking for an actress for this movie on facebook I was scorned, ridiculed and insulted. It was very hard for me to make this movie.

I am grateful for those people at the festivals who have recognized the merits of this movie.

I want to make another film about 25 minutes long which will inspire some addicts,
alcoholics and battered women. To make it properly I need about $6000 USD. If you want to do even more good in the world you can help on this project too.

My computer is 12 years old and it has been repaired with used parts. New parts
are not available. It is living on borrowed time. A new Mac Pro with necessary
options and two monitors costs around $9000 USD. It would be good to have a new computer before starting new projects, so I don't have to worry about it crashing and losing all the files.



I have come to the conclusion that most people do not have a passion in life. Many people have hobbies which they like, but it's not the same. I am basing this on observations of people I have known in the past and the present, including my siblings.

Hobbies and passions involve money.

Hobbies can fill leisure time, or at worst, just kill time. If a person with a hobby suddenly needs the money for something else, they can quit the hobby. But a person with a passion will make big sacrifices to carry on with their passion. This can include living on cheap food, deferring buying clothes or even deferring dental work. The person with the passion doesn't actually mind the sacrifices. Sure they would like better food, and some new clothes, and not getting tooth aches.

But their passion is more important.

People with passion feel they were born to do something, or meant to do something. They can't stop, like a person can stop a hobby.

Some basic truths:

1. You can't find passion using your head, because passion lives in your heart.

2. People who don't have a passion, cannot understand those who do.

3. Trying to explain your passion to someone who doesn't have a passion is a waste of time.

4. A passion usually involves a talent or special ability, but not always.

5. A person without talent or special ability can be passionate by assisting or supporting someone with talent or special ability, if they believe in the same cause. Or they can work very hard for a cause.

6. Following your passion can be lonely. Many people will not understand why you do what you do. Some will be critical and even cruel.

7. If you give up on your passion, you will die inside.





You can also donate with INTERAC, which you can find on your online banking page. When there you can send to

Or mail donation to: Steve Cosmic, 1898 Balsam Street, Apartment 4, Vancouver BC V6K 3M4

This movie won a Best Actress Award!

And a A Best Director nomination!

It was a semi finalist at another festival, and it is an official selection at 8 festivals so far.

I need money to submit it to many more festivals, and the reasons are given lower down on this page.

February 25, 2022. No one has donated anything so far. I have been seeking donations since December 1st, 2020. (This page does not get a lot of views.)