Actors wanted!

Outdoors, covid safe!

This is asap. You will create a quirky Marilyn type character, in your own style! You will
walk along residential streets and stop at some sea view parks, giving your comments on
what you see, or other topics, or whatever pops into your mind as you walk! (We will
brainstorm first, so you have plenty of scene outlines to work with.) I have done this
before so I know how to have it go smoothly and be entertaining too. To see a quirky
Marilyn type character, you can watch the movie we made last summer, click here.
The actress in that movie got IMDB credits as an actress and writer. She is also getting
seen a lot!

I call this style of acting "rehearsed improv/reality style" which is like it sounds. You
can rehearse mostly on your own, at home. We will do quick rehearsals, one scene at a
time, before the camera is turned on. It's easy and fun. This is a farce! Have fun with
your character!

In some scenes there will be a red dress hanging in the background. This is in support
of The Red Dress Project, which brings awareness to all the Indigenous women and girls
who have disappeared or been murdered. You will be part of a good deed.

This is volunteer, with a $25 honorarium to cover your transportation and lunch. About
a 6 or 7 hour shoot. You will also get IMDB credits as a lead actress and credits as a
writer, and some photos, and you will get seen a lot. Working title, Marilyn, Street

The locations may vary a bit. Some may be too busy. We will be doing walking shots on some of the sidewalks and back lanes. We'll shoot a scene on the octopus tree stump!
How to audition.

1. Send me some pics and tell me about yourself. Put "Summer Actress" in subject box. My email is here.

2. Auditions will be informal, and outdoors, covid safe. Several applicants will be here at the same time. It will be like performing at a small acting class. You will get more than one try! (This method works great by the way. I have done it many times. It is low stress and fun. Many actors have told me they like how I do auditions.)

3. You will perform a scene based on any of the ideas below. You will be walking,
sitting, or standing at any of the locations shown in the photos.

You are a "reporter" talking to the camera. Sometimes you can call out to me, off camera. You are reporting what you see, and giving your thoughts and feelings on what you see.

OK, you start out walking... "Hi, my name is Marilyn, and I'm going to be reporting on what I see as we walk around my neighbourhood. We're going to walk on some streets and back lanes and go to some little parks by the ocean"

Then let's say you are walking.... as we approach a house you like or a garden
or a car or a view.... "Hey, can we stop for a minute? I want to talk about the house/garden/car/view" or whatever. And you talk about it. If you can think of something funny you can work into any of your chatter, that will be ideal.

You can get "sudden ideas".... "that house looks like a house that this girl I knew from school used to live in"..... and then you tell a story about that girl and something from high school. (which can all be made up). Then you go back to "reporting", talking about what you see.

If you see a car you like... maybe something like... "I had a boyfriend with a car
like that. We used to go on drives out in the country which I liked. Then he sold his  car so I split up with him"....

At one of the scenic spots you can take some selfies of yourself and hold your phone towards the camera sometimes. "I love the ocean. I grew up in a small town where all we had was a little river. And cows. Lots of cows".

Basically you just chatter, stimulated by what you see. Get the idea?

BTW, two of the actresses who don't get the lead role, can play smaller roles. Marilyn will "accidentally bump into them" or just meet them in two scenic spots. Marilyn will do "rehearsed improv" with them. They should be attention getting characters. They will only need to be on set for about an hour.

Basically, be chatty, look interesting, be interesting. Quirky is good. Superstitious is good. Weird beliefs are good. You can have Fake Hump Syndrome if you want! Watch the first 17 minutes of A Sweater Girl Covid Comedy to find out about that! Click here to watch it!

Any questions, just ask. I am easy to work with. We will have lots of laughs as we shoot this.

I want the finished movie to be 50 to 60 minutes long. I will try to have it all shot in 5 or 6 hours, but allow more time just in case.

Why work with me for free?

I am an "actors director". I have taken acting classes, memorized lines and gone to auditions. I know how much work it is to be an actor. I highly respect actors.

And, I know how to get superior performances from actors.

You can volunteer on short films. Many of them never get finished.
Most take months to finish in post production. Most get seen by the cast, crew and friends, and that's about it. That is reality.

With me, this project will get finished for sure. It will be edited
within a week, and you can then send the link to agents and casting directors.

With me, lots more people will see you.

You will be treated with dignity and respect. I have always treated everyone who works with me with dignity and respect.

You will get 2 IMDB credits. The sweater girl's IMDB credits are here.

Most volunteer short film shoots are very slow. You waste time. I shoot fast.

I am an award winning filmmaker, and a good director. I will bring out the best in you. You will be getting on the job acting training and learn a lot.

My last short film is 23 minutes long. The trailer is here. It is an inspring story of a young woman who was raped, and how she healed and learned to feel happy again. It has been submitted to 75 (and counting) film festivals so far, with about 10 of them being in the LA area, where the actress will be seen by at least some Hollywood people. She got an IMDB credit, here. I taught her my special acting technique.

She has already been seen at a New York film festival. (The rest will be happening over the next 8 months or so.) She won A Best Actress Award, see below. It has good acting. You can watch it here. (I helped another young actress win a Best Actress Award, here.)

This is why it is worthwhile working with me, for free. Plus I have paid projects planned!

I am planning another dramatic short film, which will inspire some addicts, alcoholics, and battered women. It will star a male about 35 and a female in her 20's. The shooting style will be similar to Mona's Me Too Story. A chance for two actors to really show what they can do. I have lots more projects too. SOME are on my homepage, here.

My email again, here. No calls please. I don't have a mobile, so I don't text.

My facebook is here. Actors can join my facebook friends. There are lots of actors and filmmakers in my friends group.

Some special effects will be used so you look amazing, and you can sing one or two funny songs! 

Covid safe, spacing, sanitizing. "Safer than going to Safeway". I've been double vaccinated.
This webpage should be viewed on a computer, not a phone.

I have helped two actresses win awards, as shown here. The top one was recent.

Below an actress is shown with her Best Actress Award, and that's me with my Platinum Award. Our producer is in the middle. The movie is here.
This will be a covid safe project.

Social distancing, hand washing, masks when camera off.

Preference given to actors who have been double vaccinated. I have been double vaccinated.