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picture of movie award
picture of film award
picture of best movie award
picture of best movie award
picture of film festival award
picture of best music video award
picture of film award
photo of film festival award
OVER 30 FESTIVALS, 10 nominations, 8 awards.
  Shooting and editing. Low low rates.         Fast and creative.
Hello, I'm Steve Cosmic, an award winning filmmaker in Vancouver. For the next while, I am offering 4K shooting, editing, audio clean up, green screen shooting, and colour enhancement for only $20 per hour instead of my usual rate of $100. With a free phone consultation and quote.

On the phone I will bounce back ideas to you which will save you time and money, and make your project better. There is no obligation to hire me after your free phone consultation. I have 20 years of experience. I can also edit your home movies and make them look great, for a low price. Friendly and fun to work with. I offer one on one training too! 604-731-0090. Email me here.
picture of music video award
I shot this music video in about 5 hours with a crew of one. (Me!) It is common for a project like this to use a crew of 3 to 10 or even more. I am a disruptive filmmaker. I use film rigs which I invented, and fast shooting methods with a crew of 1-3. This music video won 4 awards. You can see one of my disruptive film rigs on my movie packages page.
NOTE: The quality of the above two videos is reduced because they are on youtube. If you watched them on your TV they would look like the pictures below. (The pictures below are freeze frames, from two of my videos.)
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Home page
Whether I shoot for you, or edit your footage, you will be getting high quality work at a bargain price.

And remember your free phone consultation, with no obligation afterwards. I am quite sure that I will have some money saving ideas for you on the phone.

604-731-0090. Email me here.
My low $20 rate includes all of the following: A 4K camera, a super tripod for precision pans and tilts, a "steady cam" rig for moving shots, a camera dolly for long moving shots on streets or sidewalks, lots of lights, lav mikes, shotgun mike, and a green screen studio for special effects.

I have a Mac Pro computer using Adobe Premier Pro, the same editing system used in Hollywood movies.
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