Lies about me

Around December 2015 someone posted some lies about me on a filmmakers/actors group on facebook.

It was up for over a week before I was told about it. I was not active on facebook at the time.

Someone said I was trying to have sex with young actresses. It was completely untrue. Under the comment there were "likes" and other comments suggesting I placed audition postings so I could "get them naked" and other comments.

It was very hurtful. I tried to defend myself and the comments got even worse. I didn't know that I could have had all of the postings removed.

The problem is some people believed them. Now, years later there are still some people who believe them.

Reality is I have always treated any actresses or models with respect. I have never tried to have sex with anyone, or to touch anyone or anything like that.  I have been a respectful gentleman.

After all this time not even one person has come forward to say I did anything improper.

If you have heard something negative about my behavior with actors, try to find some verification. There is none. You can search my name on google. If I had done anything improper my name would be in the news for being arrested, or going to court or something like that.

I am sincere and kind. People who have worked with me know this.

I think outside the box. This means I am misunderstood a lot. Lots of people criticize what they don't understand. They find fault because they are insecure about their own talents or abilities.

I made a long page trying to explain why this might have happened. I realize now the page is too long for most people to read. But if you want to look, you can look here.

On that page you will find other links to actors and models pages with testimonials from people who have worked with me. The testimonials are all true, and they can be verified if you want to investigate.

It hurt me a LOT. People who have worked with me know the truth.

About 18 of my facebook friends have worked with me. You can see them on my facebook page, here.

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Many women have come forward and told how they were sexually harassed. These are women in film, TV, news media, fashion, business, finance and they include factory workers and domestic workers.

Because of their bravery, it is now easier for all women to come forward and tell their stories. Yet not one single person has come forward to say I ever did anything inappropriate with them. This is because I never did anything wrong. It is unfortunate that some believed some lies about me, and then repeated them, thinking they were true.

If you work with me, you can be sure you will be treated with respect at all times. I have always done this.