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Below are 5 samples of my work. They range in quality, from high end for TV broadcast, to lower end for the net. I can edit your home movies, or your feature film. On time, at a good price.
My editing system: A top of the line Mac Pro, 12 core. It is insanely fast, with a huge memory capacity. I use Adobe Premier Pro, with After Effects. It can work natively with all file types, and it renders 4 times faster than Final Cut. Premier Pro and After Effects are used in big Hollywood movies. I can edit RED files.

I do color corrections and audio cleanup. If you need a colorist to to make your movie more presentable, I can do it at a good price.
Sample video, all with green screen
I am good at doing colour corrections. Fast too. I do all kinds of colour and picture enhancements, and I can make footage shot on a lower end camera, look like it was shot on a higher end camera!

I can also fix audio, cleaning up background noise, and saving some footage which might otherwise be lost.
picture of movie editing system
Email me here

Email me here

Quick look! Lots of editing tricks in this video, including making old 4:3 footage into 16:9.
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A 22 minute documentary on panhandlers. Shot by Rocky Machado, edited by me.
Two scenes from a feature film. 11 minutes long, this short was sold for TV broadcast. (Shot with my old camera)
The above scene was made for TV. It has numerous creative tricks in it, including numerous slow zooms which are not noticable unless you are looking for them. This draws the viewer in and makes the shot more dramatic. There are other subtle tricks as well which give it a professional look.
This music video was edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I did not use After Effects. There are lots of editing tricks in this video. I can do some editing like this for you, or teach you how to do it.
Here is a FREE offer for you

If you have a feature film, I will edit the first few minutes, to a "completely finished" level, for free. You can then decide if you want me to do the rest of your movie. You keep the part I have edited, for free, with no obligation to hire me for the rest. 

My quote will probably be a pleasant surprise for you, and you will know exactly what you will be getting for the full movie, and how much it will cost. How does that sound?

Please note that I do not work on violent movies.