Some rough notes:

You do NOT NEED the following:

Sound person, AD, clapper, more than one vehicle bigger than a small van, makeup, (most of the time) a storyboard artist, craft services (with a tiny crew food is taken care of by your multi skilled, multi tasking super assistant.)

Neither do you need walkie talkies, or a locations manager. Or a colorist, a title person, a composer, production manager, production designer, sound designer, and lots more. You don't need them!!!

(You do all or almost all post production yourself.)

This is disruptive. To find out more watch the full movie. What you will learn will save you thousands of dollars, and many many hours of time. You will learn a new filmmaking philosophy and a new way of thinking, which are essential to making money with micro budget movies.

Disruptive filmmaking. What is it?

FACT: Only 1 in 50 indie films makes
money. Can you make 50 films?

The only sensible approach is to use my
disruptive philosophy, to greatly increase
your odds. You can learn it here for free.

Learn how to make micro budget movies
with a crew of one or two. With tiny
budgets. I have made 3 feature films with
a crew of one! You have to change your
thinking. Learn how in the free movie

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If your goal is to make a movie to sell to television, check out the scene above. It is a typical, average scene. Visualize your movie shot something like this scene. The quality is as good as a MOW...  a movie of the week, a made for TV movie.

(Keep in mind that the youtube quality here is lacking compared to the actual final quality.) It was directed and shot with a crew of one.

If you want to make a movie for a low price, you have found the right place.

"If a film is made cheap enough, it can make money."
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I can give you a quote on a feature or short film. For more complex scenes, we can use a crew of 2 to 4.
Disruptive filmmaking for actors and filmmakers.

What does disruptive filmmaking mean? What is disruptive filmmaking? Watch the video to find out!

2 hours and 39 minutes long. If you watch it all, it can change your life and save you thousands of dollars.  If you don't watch this movie, you have only a 1 in 50 chance of making money!
I am a filmmaking inventor with about 25 film rig inventions.

When you watch the video you will learn how to make a steadi cam type rig for about 5 dollars. And you'll learn how to modify a tripod for about a dollar, to get perfect pans that stop at the exact right spot.

And you'll learn an acting trick you can teach to new actors for better performance.
Acting schools don't want actors to know this technique which can be learned in just a few minutes.

You'll also learn how to make a camera slider for about 10 dollars. It works perfect!
A life changing question.....

Q: If you can do pick up shots with a skeleton crew, why can't you make your whole movie that way?

A: You can. You just have to change your thinking.

This is the first cut, without color work and other polishing, which are irrelevant for an instructional video. Watch it all to learn the secrets of making money with micro budget movies.