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I am looking for actors for all of these productions. Ideally, I would like to find people who want to participate in all of them. This can lead to ongoing working relationships which benefit us both.

I have been called "a creative genius", "ahead of my time", and before giving a speech I was introduced as "the world's most interesting man". Well, people who have worked with me recognize my talent and ability. Others do not understand me, because being very creative means being misunderstood a lot. I helped an actress win a Best Actress Award, and I can probably help advance your career too.

My 4 other upcoming feature films:

1. A Wannabe Girl Story (Working title)
A woman, 20's has been raped a few days prior. The man was known to her. She is in shock for a few days, unable to function properly, neglecting her well being, including eating, hygiene, grooming and housekeeping. She stumbles upon an opportunity to escape her feelings, which also helps her block the memory. The escape plan is bizarre, but she embraces it to help herself survive. Usually shy, she decides to enter a bikini contest, and starts training and doing things outside her comfort zone to overcome her shyness. This story is about a few of the strangest days of her life.

There are some exciting and dramatic scenes, and a happy ending!

Is the story credible? Yes, see Me Too short script and video here.

Lead actress, about 19 to 25, must be comfortable in a bikini, and medium busty. She gets about 65% of all the lines in the movie. Pay, $10,000, paid after the shoot.

Supporting actress, her best friend. She gets about 25% of the lines in the movie. Pay $5000, paid after the shoot. 

Two smaller female roles, aged about 23-30. Pay $1000, paid after the shoot. Wearing a bikini is required.

Minor but important role, Kind Woman, about 35 to 50. Pay $800, paid after the shoot.

One minor male role, age about 27-30,
and one minor role, male or female, 30-36.
Pay $800, paid after the shoot.

The rape is mentioned in dialogue, it is not acted out. "Bikinis will get the movie attention. The story and great acting will get it respect."

This movie will have FIVE music videos built into it! This will be an unusual movie, and I expect it to win awards. It will definitely get attention!

This movie will inspire and give hope to some viewers who have been the victims of rape.

This is a great opportunity to show off your acting. There will be lots of dramatic close ups. This movie will sell, and you will get seen. You will be able to add some great bits to your demo reel. Been in student films? Look below.

Seeking funding for project 1 now. Actors can apply now.

2. A computer geek comedy, title confidential at this time. Bigger budget, about 7 females, and 5 males needed.

3. Bowladrome. A comedy about bowling. Even bigger budget, more pay.
About 15 actors needed, male and female. Proposed pay $2000 to $3000 per role.

4. Sam and Leah. My dream project. Actors who have read the script say they are dream roles. Good pay, info here.

If you get involved with my projects, you can get lots of IMDB movie credits. Besides acting, if you are ambitious, you might get credits in other categories as well. (See crew page.)

To watch some great acting in an award winning movie that I produced, click here.
It is called Cam Girl, and most people did not like the script.

"The greater an idea is, the more it is misunderstood."

Cam Girl has been seen by one million viewers.

My other movies have been seen by a total of one million viewers. That's two million altogether.

Compared to student films, with me you have a much better chance of getting discovered.

I am misunderstood a lot, yet I have also been called a creative genius.

My home studio:
1898 Balsam St
Apartment 4
Vancouver BC
V6K 3M4

If you act with me......I will teach you an acting technique which I developed which gives realistic, completely believable performances. One actor I taught it to said it was worth $10,000 worth of acting lessons. I will teach it to you in a few minutes. Hard to believe but true. Private lessons available.
From actresses who have worked with me


I want to thank you for inviting me to be part of the Wannabe Girl movie experience. I enjoyed working with you, and as an actress, appreciated your patience, open mind and drive during our time filming. It made working with you comfortable. I also appreciated how efficiently you worked to get the short film cut, edited and loaded for view! It was great to see our work so quickly after shooting and I was happy with how well it was done. As an artist, I think it is inspiring to see other artists, such as yourself, write, direct and edit their work, as well as provide their own original music. This is so rare in our day and age and for that I thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future and I wish you all of the best.

Natascha Schulmeister


Thank you, Steve, for the opportunity to work on this film project. You earned my trust and made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. You were very good at pushing me to do my best work without making it look like I was trying too hard.

Your acting technique was really valuable.

I'm so pleased with the final cut :). You work fast and made me feel really appreciated as a key part of the project. Working with you is a great way to learn how to be passionate, creative, persistent, and motivated as an artist. The story is bold and pushes the audience enough out of their comfort zone to really reflect. I hope to keep learning and growing beyond my comfort zone as well. Thank you for all your hard work and putting this project together.

Marcela Caceres


Hi Steve,

I just saw the short and I absolutely love it!! I love the angles/cinematography, fade ins and outs. I absolutely love it!!

I want to thank you again !!! You were very professional, honest and amazing to work with! You are so creative and have unique ways of filming scenes:) All in all you are an amazing storyteller, director, writer, cinematographer and person as well! I had so much fun shooting with you. What I learned on set was valuable!! Your acting technique is amazing !

I really want to work with you again! Please keep me posted on any upcoming projects you are doing. Also let me know about when you will be filming Wannabe Girl. I want to audition for the part! The story has so much meaning and depth. I absolutely am in love with the storyline of it.

Hope you are having a great day!!!

Terri Sidhu

(They have all read the whole script)

My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.
Email me here

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Here are 8 demo scenes from my upcoming feature film, "A Wannabe Girl Story". It is an outside the box movie, that's for sure.

It is about an important social issue. The story is one girl's way of dealing with rape. It may not be "the usual" way of dealing with rape, but movies are made about the unusual, not the usual.  I am looking for actors who recognize this, and who have faith in my talents and integrity. I want ambitious actors who are willing to work hard enough to win an award, with the goal of being seen by a large audience, and advancing their careers.

Trust is needed. When all of the scenes are put together they will make a captivating and inspirational movie. I expect it to be shown on TV for years and years.
The 8 scenes in the mock up movie above star Terri Sidhu, Marcela Caceres, and Natascha Schulmeister. This movie will require superb acting, and I expect it to win awards.

I expected awards with Cam Girl before I shot it, and it did win two awards. See link below to watch Cam Girl.

These scenes will make more sense when viewed within the context of the whole movie. Most of the scenes will not be monologues!


If you are an actor in Vancouver and you want to get a talent agent, this can help. Talent agents want to see a demo reel. There are lead roles and supporting actor roles here. Your actors demo reel can start here.
Watch mock up movie below to learn about this upcoming paid acting opportunity.
A music video inspired by one of the songs from "A Wannabe Girl Story".

A young woman was raped a few days prior. She has been depressed and feeling worthless.

This video is about her starting to feel better about herself. An inspiring and uplifting video.

It has won four awards.

Staring Dani M Ranger.

Here are 3 more older testimonials from actors who worked with me.

"Steve Cosmic gave me my third role in film in 2000, and again I was pleased to be offered a lead role of one
of his films in 2002. The latter was fortunate enough to be picked up not only for festivals, but also on television. All of the times that I have worked with Steve, I have found him to treat his cast and crew with respect, craft services, pay, plenty of encouragement, and many opportunities for networking. This is more of a rarity than it should be in the low budget indie film world. Steve is constantly learning and sharpening his sillis in all of the roles that he takes up. If there is one thing that Steve is best at, then I would have to say it would be with marketing his films, and getting them out there for all to see."

Gabriella Kriss
Actress/Circus Performer & Coach/Model/Published Author

"Extremely innovative and persistent, with a wacky and often bizarre sense of humour, is how I'd describe Steve Cosmic. As an actreess, I've had the pleasure of working with Steve in a couple of his indie films, and I can attest to his loyalty to those who support his projects and to his ambitious marketing and networking talents. He's someone who definitely gives it his all and he doesn't let life's obstacles stop him from pursuing his goals."

Patricia McAdam, Actress

"Steve is a creative, focused, and driven individual who is a pleasure to work with. He is passionate about the art of filmmaking and it is evident in whatever project he delivers."

Sarah Sands, Actress. (Her award winning performance can be seen here.)
picture of film festival award
picture of movie award
picture of movie award
picture of film festival award
picture of music video award
picture of music video award
picture of movie award
picture of film award
picture of film festival award
picture of cast and crew from one of my movies
The cast and crew from one of my award winning films. You can watch it here.

Pamela Anderson wore bikinis to get rich and famous. Maybe you can too. It doesn't mean you have to do it for your whole acting career.

A Wannabe Girl is a serious drama about how a young woman deals with being raped. Superb acting will be required. It is a difficult and challenging role. You can watch the 29 minute mock up of the movie to get a feel for what it will be like. The 8 scenes in the mock up movie feature 3 try out actresses. The actual casting has not been done yet. If you are interested in a role, let me know.
Additional opportunities on my facebook page. Almost daily news on my movie projects, here.
Head shots, photo service here.
Some interesting pics to see.
Head shots, photo service here.
Some interesting pics to see.
Vancouver actors wanted

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OVER 30 FESTIVALS, 10 nominations, 8 awards.

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