Vancouver casting calls. Actress about 19-29 wanted. A challenging role. Pay TBA, and an excellent demo reel and an IMDB movie credit.  About a 1 day shoot and two hours another day. For a 12 minute short called My Me Too. The full script and more details are here. Auditions TBA. Please read everything here, and the full script before applying. Apply below. A powerful movie that will save lives.

Think of a dramatic one person stage play, with a background that changes.

The picture quality will be excellent, like the photos here. The photos are freeze frames from two shoots done with the same camera we will be using for this movie. You will look great! With lots of close ups.

How to audition, and the sides to learn for your audition, are below.

How this movie will SAVE LIVES, below.
The movie will be shot on green screen, with the green removed in editing. With the green removed, the background will be black, which is very dramatic. If your hair is dark, I can make the background very dark
gray, so your hair stands out. Other times, the background will change to
photos or other dramatic colours. The shot above is from a practice scene for the full length feature film. Imagine yourself in shots like this.
Other times, there will be two images, with effects similar to, but different than the images above and below. These images are from my music video which won 4 awards.
It will be shot with two cameras. One camera will be straight on, with you looking at the camera most of the time. The other camera will be off to the side, with a semi profile view. The 2 images will be synched for voice. Sometimes one image will be seen, other times both images. Sometimes one image will be a ghosty pale colour in the background, or a ghosty black and white.

The roof scene will be made to look like it is on the roof of a high rise apartment. It will be scary, and look very realistic.

This movie will be very dramatic! Close ups will help it win awards. I am seeking an actress willing to work hard enough to win an award. This is an emotionally difficult, very challenging role. The script must be very well memorized. There will be rehearsals. Anyone who is not willing to work hard enough to win an award, need not apply.

With two of my shorts I had a strong feeling they would win awards while
we were making them. They won a total of 6 awards, including a Best Actress Award, and they were screened at about 25 film festivals. The one that won the Best Actress Award has been viewed over 1 million times in total, including on TV. Read about it and see it, here.

There are about 50 film festivals which are Academy Award-Qualifying Festivals. This includes short films! I will enter this movie in all of them.

With this movie, I have the strongest feeling ever, that it will win awards. It will be my best movie ever. If you see the merits of this movie, and you are willing to work hard enough to win an award, this could be for you.

I expect this movie to win awards, and to save lives. It is an important, meaningful movie, which you will be proud of. It will be about 12 minutes long. From the 12 minutes, I will take the best clips and make an outstanding demo reel for you. This could launch your career.

For your audition, I will want you to memorize and perform the lines below. You can pick some additional lines to memorize and perform as well if you like. You can send a head shot and full body shot to the email address below. Selfies are OK.

For your audition.....


Hello, my name is Mona.... I was raped..... This is what happened to me. This is my me too story.
I want to tell my story.
I have thought about it for a long time, and I want to tell it here, so lots of people hear it. ......

Mona looks away, and then looks back at the camera.
I might start crying sometimes.
I might get angry sometimes.
Oh, there is one part that is kinda funny, with me and my friend Natalie.

And a scary part too where I almost killed myself.

I asked him if he wanted more coffee.
(beat) (beat)

He suddenly moved over by me and put his arm around and tried to kiss me. I said what are you doing!!?!?

And he grabbed me all over!!! I tried to push him away but I couldn't !!....

I yelled. He put his hand over my mouth. He bent one of my fingers like he was going to break it.....

(more emotional) He..... he raped me. (sob)

Then he left. I felt just awful, ... I felt sick.... I had a bath. I sat in the tub and cried and cried.

(beat) (beat) I could barely move. I didn't call Natalie. I didn't feel like talking. I wanted to die.


Well, that's my me too story. It's different than other stories that I heard. But my therapist and my support group friends understand why I did what I did. They don't think I'm weird.

I found the more people I tell the better I feel. I'm OK now... Well, not totally OK. But way better than a year ago. Some days I'm actually happy. (a shy smile.)

Oh, we both got pimples from eating all that junk food! (laughs)

Your audition might be up to an hour long. You can have several tries at each scene. I will direct and coach to help you.

My home page          The full script is here.         Email me here

No calls please thank you. No text messages. I don't text. I don't have a mobile phone and my landline does not receive text messages.

Is the bikini contest part of this credible? Yes, it is. Below is a quote by a female therapist who has worked with many women who were raped.

"Some rape survivors may become prostitutes, strippers, sex symbols, or porn actresses, acting out sexually to release anger or to satisfy their need for revenge." Dorothy Neddermeyer, PhD, rape therapist.

"Successfull movies are made about the unusual, not the usual."

Many people do not understand me.

When I was casting for the movie which won a Platinum Award and a Best Actress Award, I was harshly criticized by some people. Later I got praise. While many do not understand me and my work, I have a good heart and I do my best to help others.

There is no doubt that playing Mona is a difficult role. Some time ago I had several actresses who liked the script and auditioned. I also had a young woman who was going to be the producer. After some initial efforts, they all dropped out. They could not handle it emotionally. I saw that one of them later posted on her facebook that she
was depressed. They had all said things like they "identified with the character" or the subject matter was "close to home."

Myself, I was sexually abused as a child. It was by both parents and a relative. The memories surfaced when I was about 55. I was severely depressed for about 3 months, and then less depressed for about 10 more months. Even though my abuse was different than Mona's, I identify with what it is like to be depressed over sexual violation.

I put the bikini contest element in the story because it is the unusual element needed to get this movie extra attention. It is a minor part of the story. (Even in the feature length version of this movie the bikini parts will be minimized.)

Extra attention means more viewers. More viewers means more lives will be saved. You will be helping to save lives.

I am NOT obsessed with bikinis! I have made some bikini movies to try to get a monthly revenue stream, so I can make my meaningful movies, such as this one. You can't do much without money.

Bikinis or underwear scenes are in almost all successful movies, from big budget to small budget. They do it for a reason. They know it helps get the movie attention.

For this movie, I think I most likely need an actress who was not raped, but who can portray the feelings.

(I was sad when I realized that the script and trying out had made others depressed)

I know that I will probably get depressed sometimes when I am editing it. But I will do it anyway. Being brave is not about being fearless. Being brave is about being afraid, and doing it anyway.

Imagine a rape victim who watches this movie, and is suicidal, right at that time. She might be thinking of killing herself in the next hour or two even.

There are 4 ways this movie can save such a viewer.

1. She sees that Mona is feeling better now.

2. She learns from the young girl that if one is really sad you will feel better if you go to 12 step meetings.

3. She learns that Mona got therapy and went to support groups which helped her a lot.

4. And she learns about the older woman who healed and is feeling happy now.

Think again about a woman who was suicidal when she started watching the movie. She now has FOUR little scenes in her mind to give her hope. Just ONE of the scenes might be enough to make her pause and talk to someone instead of killing herself.

This is how this movie will save some lives. How many is impossible to say. But the better the acting is, and the more people who see it, the more who will be saved. The award winning movie I mentioned has been seen over 1 million times. I want this movie to be seen even more.

I had a sister who was raped, and she eventually committed suicide. I am making this movie in memory of her. I loved her very much.

I want an actress who understands and appreciates all of this. I will work very hard to help her do an outstanding acting performance. Together we will help save lives.

The movie where the actress won a best actress award, is here.

If you want to read my bio, it is here.


I need $18,000 ($14,000 USD) to make this movie properly. I have tried 5 times offering modest pay. It takes money to attract top talent for this emotionally demanding role. Some of the money will be used to hire a social media expert to get the movie seen a lot. And some of the money will be used to submit it to many film festivals. More than 18K would be better. With more money, I can get the movie seen by even more people, and more lives will be saved.

I also need help with my monthly expenses. I get a pension but
I am short about $400 to $500 each month. I have been making up the deficit with my savings, but I will be out of savings soon.

You can donate by paypal or interac, sending the money to this email address:

Your name will be in the credits, and the movie will be seen as long as the internet exists. Thank you very much!

Small donations welcome too. If you know someone who
was raped, do it for her. If you are a rape victim thinking of suicide, read the script right now, here.

This movie will be about 12 minutes
long. It is a shorter version of a
movie which will be about 22 minutes
long. These are both versions of
a feature film which will be about
80 or 90 minutes long.

The shorter versions are part of a
methodical plan to get funding for
the feature length movie.

At the risk of getting too much
information, you can look at
these links!

The 22 minute version script, here.

The 22 minute version with
actors notes, here.

Donors/investors, click here.

I am making a short film which will inspire and give hope to some rape victims. It won't save everyone, but it will save some. I can't do it alone. I need funding for this movie.

I am asking for help with this movie. It truly will save lives, and if you read everything including the script, you will see how.

I am making this movie in memory of a sister who died because of rape.
If you are a rape victim thinking of suicide, please read the script right now, it is here. It will help.
Any amount helps!
Any amount helps!
Any amount helps!