Tired of going to auditions? Not getting auditions? No agent?

This is not porn, and there is no nudity.


Pamela Anderson exploited her looks to get noticed and get ahead when she was in her 20's. I am looking for an ambitious, business like, young actress who wants to move faster in her acting career.

Someone willing to do Pamela Anderson type roles, to get started.  Someone who looks beyond the Pamela Anderson type roles, and into the future, seeing herself doing "real acting".

Someone who wants a faster way of getting lead roles with real acting.

(If you are a young actress taking acting classes, I invite you to ask some older actresses that you know, about how much they have spent on classes, how many auditions they have gone to, and their success so far. Then ask yourself if you want to be like them, or if you want to go faster than them.)

If you want to fast track your career, this MIGHT be for you.

It is not for everyone.

Pamela Anderson posed for Playboy Magazine. This $1000 opportunity does not involve anything like that. THERE IS NO NUDITY INVOLVED.

Pamela posed for Playboy because it was the fastest way to get lots of publicity at the time. But now we have the internet. With the internet, you don't have to pose for Playboy to get noticed. With the internet AND this $1000 opportunity you will get seen a lot, and your career might advance much quicker. (Of course there is no guarantee of this)

Pamela Anderson, was a small town girl from Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. She was unknown, but she was ambitious. This opportunity is for someone ambitious. It is not for everyone. Most young women reading this will keep trying to get an agent and keep doing auditions, and then eventually give up.

This is a fast track possibility for the right person.

There is an old Hollywood saying.... "Any publicity is good publicity". Want to move to the front of the line?  Don't wait. You might lose out. ONLY ONE GIRL WILL BE PICKED.

You don't have to be blond btw!

Good luck to everyone.

You will earn about $1000 with this step by step  program.

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Can you talk about yourself like this girl?

You need to get comfortable on camera.

Talking like this girl is great practice.

Can you do it?

Dancing is another way of getting used to being on camera.

Can you dance like these girls?

The dances and talking videos are compiled into movies about 60 minutes long, like the sample here, and sold online.

There is no nudity involved in any of this.

Have a good look at everything, and then we can meet for coffee to discuss.

The 3 top movies were shot with my old camera. You will be shot with my new camera,
and look great!

Why do I want to find and train a girl who might be the  "new Pamela Anderson?"

Because when I find such a girl it will help me too.

I am not obsessed with bikinis!

Bikinis help make movies successful.

I want to find a girl who understands this, and who is OK with it.

After a few shoots like the above, you can try some practice acting, like in the video below. The actress you will see is doing a "cold read", meaning she is not that familiar with the script, and she has obviously not memorized it.

Learning how to do good cold reads is essential for successful auditions. You will be in a bikini for only
about 5 minutes, different than the movie below. 
Can you see yourself doing as well or better than the girl above? I will coach you if needed. It is fun actually. Cold reading is an essential skill that you will learn.
We can then move into real acting. Above is a bit of a comedy movie that we might do. It involves memorization. Though maybe, we'll do it as a cold read, we'll see how it goes. You will be coached if needed. I am a patient director, and easy to work with.

Here is a feature film we just finished, about "Sweater Girls"

You might be in some sweater girl scenes too!

This program may vary somewhat. I have lots of training projects we can do.
This music video won 4 awards. I want to do another music video featuring a famous song from the 70's by Neil Diamond.

This is another opportunity for you to get noticed.

You will get experience shooting on green screen. Almost all new movies involve green screen work.
When Pamela Anderson started out, there was no youtube and no online videos. If she was starting out today, I think she would jump at the chance to try everything presented here. What do you think?

This could help you get somewhere. Altogether you will get paid around $1000, depending on how much you do. From everything, you can make a great demo reel!

Here is a sample of one of the completed bikini movies. All the girls danced the way they wanted to. The videos were shot with my old camera. My new camera is much better... you will look great!

People will see you and you will get fans.
Here is a video with some excellent, serious acting. The movie is
about a young woman who was raped a few days prior, and how she deals with it. I expect this movie to win awards. It is something you can strive towards. Full information here.

Vancouver actors and filmmakers can join my facebook friends group here.
An experimental comedy
movie, look here.

Pamela Anderson wore bikinis to get attention and she got rich and famous.

If you are an actress getting nowwhere, this could be for you. If you are a model who wants to get into acting, this could be for you. Every James Bond type movie has bikini scenes! There is nothing wrong with doing this.

Of course I can't guarantee you will get rich and famous, but I can work with you to give you a chance to learn a lot, and to get seen a lot. "Experience, credits and PAY."

I have 8 or more shoots we can do. The first ones would be in a bikini, and some would be in regular attire. You will get direction and acting coaching at each shoot.

We will do dancing first, and then talking. You will earn about $1000 with this step by step program.

If you do this program you can also be in a Marilyn Monroe movie, for more pay. Look here.


A "New Pamela" tryout girl.

Can you do better
than her?